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some Clips + Images


Newfoundland, for Femke Magazine

cry bear: words + pictures

(A polar bear is wandering nearby and I, inexplicably, take to the woods.)

“There are a couple of piles of scat on the Sherwink Trail that are so large they make me wonder if I have any business being this far away from a dickishly-managed Starbucks.

I wasn’t planning on hiking today. I left my rented Jetta in a designated lot beside one other vehicle and just wandered off, overstuffed camera bag in hand, no snack, no water, my iPhone gasping for power. (Let me be clear from the start: this is not an advice column) ...”



Yukon, Canada for Zoomer

ticket to ride: words + pictures

(Horseback riding, nothing at all like riding a bike.)

“She likes to eat,” the ranch hand said with a French Canadian accent, “and she’s pretty fond of shortcuts,” she warned, handing me the reins. Picturesque as it was there in the hills, there was nothing charming about the way I mounted Feline. The stirrups were set for my aspirational leg length, which made the last bit – the part where you swing your leg over the horse’s blanket-padded back – particularly gymnastic. …



Jordan, for Zoomer

words + pictures

“For outdoor adventurers seeking the Middle Eastern equivalent to Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods or Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, the new 650-kilometre Jordan Trail is now open, and beginning the hike at Umm Qays gives you a blissfully downhill head-start…”



An interview with creative directors in Amman, Jordan, for La Carte Magazine.

the perfect day: words

I chat with Saeed Abu-Jaber, artist and co-founder of Turbo (a multi-disciplinary design agency, cafe and art space) about where to find a proper cocktail, a perfect meal and ponder some art in Amman, Jordan. (Spoiler, it involves the prime minister’s house and an all-night alleyway restaurant.)


Wyatt Raceway, Saskatoon, Canada.  (Photography also provided to   The Toronto Star.  )

Wyatt Raceway, Saskatoon, Canada.
(Photography also provided to The Toronto Star.)

Saskatoon, Canada for Zoomer

words + pictures

(Where I learn that I’ve been taking exit ramps all wrong, and the function and necessity of an intact panhard bar.)

“The air was thick, and clouds hung over us at Wyant Group Raceway. My borrowed racing suit, full-face helmet and elaborate seatbelt harness combined in a “how bread must feel in a toaster” way, but it was decidedly comforting to be strapped in nice and tight as the wheels squealed and the car hugged turns.

I gave the thumbs up to kick it up a notch….”



Yukon, Canada for Away Magazine

creative frontier: words + pictures

(The Yukon. You might find a severed human toe in your cocktail here, aka “The Sourtoe”, a boozy PSA on the dangers of frostbite and careless lawn-mowing, but chances are good that you’ll come back for more. ) 

“A local handed me a token, a green plastic coin stamped with the words “Good for One Drink, Dawson City Music Festival,” and called out over the crowd’s applause: “Use this, it’s not good tomorrow.” I flipped the coin over in my hand and examined the black embossed type and treble clef clip art. Reading my mind, he leaned towards me and shouted “...and no saving any as souvenirs!”


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